Everyday Magic

As I sat upon a mountain top the other night I relished in the magic of the rare occurrence taking place in the sky above, the blood full moon lunar eclipse. I watched it in its entirety as it captivated those who were able to sit under its spell of uniqueness and deeply connective powers to universal energy.

As a nature photographer I had many sending me messages wondering where I had gone to capture this moment. They were astonished to hear that I had chosen not to bring my gear, but instead, allow my being to be present with all its senses to absorb the energy being cast downward and outward. For a brief moment I felt a sense of guilt. Why? Why didn’t I bring my gear? I knew the reason, but then I felt the need to feel badly for a few moments as a sense of letting others down washed over me like a misting rain.

I became lost in that moment for just a little while, and then I allowed myself to come back, come back to the space – place – time that I was becoming lost in on purpose because sitting on that mountain was not about capturing anything on film, it was about feeling and absorbing the moment as a mind – heart- energy shot. Those are the moments that fill our beings energetically. The moments that are not captured to share with others by flipping through an album or instantly posting to a social media outlet. As I sat on my rock and stretched out across the grass I found myself at first judging those who were breaking out their cell phones, instagramming and tweeting. Then I stopped, who am I to judge? This is their space – place – time as much as it is my own. How one chooses to be a part of this moment is about them and their need. Allowing myself to get there also allowed myself to completely zone out the overly loud voices, the bright screens and lights that would randomly light up the mountain top. My moment became no less special because I was spending it the way that was right and meaningful for me.

As I descended the mountain and back to what can often feel like a mundane every day living experience(which can be difficult as a newly discovered magician), I remembered. I remembered that there is magic everywhere and its up to me to allow myself in and to absorb that magic on the daily. There is magic in the trees as the wind sings her song. There is magic on the everyday commute as the palette of colors starts to wash over the leaves like an artist’s brush. There is magic in the sitting as I allow myself to slow down and breathe deeply in. There is magic in the rising as the brilliant sun sends an energetical jolt to a new day. There is magic and music everywhere. We only to need to pause for a moment, connect and listen.

The everyday does not need to feel ordinary. Its everyday that has the ability to feel extraordinary, and the extraordinary does not have to be something so big and so grand that you cannot find the words. It can be as simple as stopping by a field, leaving your worries behind and searching for the natural magic within the dance of universal feels. The feels that surround you and bring to you what you choose to put out. Today, today I will connect with that magic and everyday thereafter.



About vermontvortex

Nature - Soul - Magic - Passion - Elements. I attempt each day to remain connected to the space of which graciously harbors my energy, to be true to my being and honor that which has connected with my living. "I believe that we are here for each other, not against each other. Everything comes from an understanding that you are a gift in my life - whoever you are, whatever our differences." - John Denver . “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” - Buddha
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